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Our Specialty

Our special way of serving the fresh grilled meat and fish over our pattern grill (Shawaya) to keep the food warm...

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About Us

I was always exciting about opening a new concept restaurant. At the same time i couldn't find the concept that could...

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Darna Club

The Darna Grill is a comfortable, inviting restaurant designed to make our customers feel as if they are enjoying...

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Our Menu

Fast & Takeout
Pizza & Pastry
Special Chicken

Grill Selection
Chicken Grill
Meat Grill
Fish and Shrimp Grill

Dine in Menu
Special Chicken
Hot Appetizers
Hot Beverages

Kids Menu
Chicken Nugget
Ice cream
sandwichwith frais


  • 1

    “Just wanted to say what an amazing night Darna Grill”

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    “Excellent food, excellent service. I visit the restaurant once a week!”

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    “Food is absolutely outstanding!